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  • You may be right or you may be wrong, but in either case you have gained the first condition of success. You have attracted attention. Your initiative might sometimes put you into conflict with your superiors, but that is a risk worth taking.
    Andrew Carnegie Quotes
  • I started to produce pictures because I've been in so many and I just love making movies. I like to be fully involved in each movie I do whether I'm starring in it or producing it. I look at the rushes every day and discuss the film with the director, throwing in advice if needed. I recognise the importance of every stage of film making and so many things can go wrong. I try to create an environment where the least mistakes can happen. I see them coming up because I've been there, so now it's easier to find solutions and rectify problems.
    Tom Cruise Quotes
  • It's wrong for a guy to have no personality, no heart. Because I don't care about style or money. I care about heart.
    Adriana Lima Quotes
  • I've always been confident with who I was, but my twenties were hard. I had to learn a lot of life lessons and I think my thirties will be a little easier because of all the wrong turns I took.
    Eva Longoria Quotes
  • If a working class Englishman saw a bloke drive past in a Rolls-Royce, he'd say to himself "Come the social revolution and we'll take that away from you, mate". Whereas if his American counterpart saw a bloke drive past in a Cadillac he'd say "One day I'm going to own one of those". To my way of thinking the first attitude is wrong. The latter is right.
    Kerry Packer Quotes
  • Success is a beast. And it actually puts the emphasis on the wrong thing. You get away with more instead of looking within.
    Brad Pitt Quotes
  • I truly understand that there is a lesson in everything that happens to us. So I tried not to spend my time asking "Why did this happen to me?" but trying to figure out why I had chosen this. That's the answer you need. It's always a question of accepting responsibility for your choices. Anytime you look outside yourself for answers, you're looking in the wrong place.
    Oprah Winfrey Quotes

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