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  • For a while it was to the point that I was losing my voice and I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized if I kept working myself into the ground. I ended up getting really introverted. I wasn't happy. But nobody knows what's really going on. I need to eat, I need to sleep, and sometimes those things weren't considered. It was like, 'When do you think I'll have time to go to the bathroom?' That wasn't on the schedule.
    Christina Aguilera Quotes
  • I have so many girlfriends that can do all of it and I know I will want to be around for a lot of it. I'm going to try not to work that much but I'd love an excuse to stay home.
    Jennifer Aniston Quotes
  • It's a lot of accumulated joy and tension and all kinds of emotions just pouring out of all us. We've all been preparing for this day and we all knew that one day we would just have to move on with our lives and careers even though we all love this show and love working together. But it's still an incredibly emotional time, especially for me with a lot of journalists asking me how it feels about FRIENDS coming to an end. It's started to make me think very deeply about what it's all meant to me and that's made me ever more emotional!
    Jennifer Aniston Quotes
  • Photography, for me, brings us back to the actual event more clearly, more directly. Contemplation allows me to imagine my own truth, and the idea that I get of this truth helps me to discover other ideas, and so on…My work becomes a chain of ideas created by the many images that I look at and which I have registered, often on contrasting subjects.
    Francis Bacon Quotes
  • I myself and the life I've lived happen to be more profoundly curious than my work. Then sometimes, when I think about it, I'd prefer everything about my life to blow up after I die and disappear.
    Francis Bacon Quotes
  • I had some money, I made the best paintings ever. I was completely reclusive, worked a lot, took a lot of drugs. I was awful to people.
    Jean Michel Basquiat Quotes
  • I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life.
    Jean Michel Basquiat Quotes
  • Ridiculous yachts and private planes and big limousines won’t make people enjoy life more, and it sends out terrible messages to the people who work for them. It would be so much better if that money was spent in Africa – and it’s about getting a balance.
    Richard Branson Quotes
  • I get about 60-70 letters a day from staff. As a leader, my main job is to motivate them so they can go home and be proud of their work. I want to hear from staff on the front line, so to speak. My notebook is never far away.
    Richard Branson Quotes
  • I began to learn what poverty meant. It was burnt into my heart then that my father had to beg for work. And then and there came the resolve that I would cure that when I got to be a man.
    Andrew Carnegie Quotes
  • If all you do is work faithfully and conscientiously, the verdict in such cases generally is that you perform your present duties so well that you had better continue to perform them.
    Andrew Carnegie Quotes
  • I'm too wrapped up in my work to think about children, I would need to show myself that I'm able to sustain a good long-term relationship before I could even imagine what being a father would be like.
    George Clooney Quotes
  • I like to work. The self-esteem and satisfaction that I get from working makes me a better person, which makes me a better mom. I feel lucky because I have the luxury of working only one or two days a week.
    Cindy Crawford Quotes
  • Never in my life have I gotten on a plane to go for a holiday. I get on a plane and I go to work. When I have a holiday, I'm at home playing with the cows.
    Russell Crowe Quotes
  • There's a confidence that comes from knowing you can work, no matter what. I can deliver papers. I can take care of myself.
    Tom Cruise Quotes
  • If there's any message to my work, it is ultimately that it's OK to be different, that it's good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color.
    Johnny Depp Quotes
  • Well it's a risk to do a movie of this calibre on a subject matter and a point in history people are not very familiar with. It's a tough subject to sell - so salary-wise you have to make sacrifices to make a certain film happen. I would have been an idiot to pass up the opportunity to work with Mr Scorsese.
    Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes
  • I remember the casting session that I had where I was a break dancer, having this punk hair cut. They rejected me and I became really disillusioned with the business and said well this is what it's all about, and I haven't even got in to read a line. He said don't worry, some day we're going to get you back into this and it's going to happen for you, which I kind of took to heart. It was one of those situations where I was lucky and fortunate enough to be at the right places at the right time. All of a sudden I was on the set of Growing Pains and got this audition for This Boy's Life and was able to jump into the feature film world. It's really been just simply the fact that I'd been able to work, you know what I mean? I would probably still be trying to be an actor even if I was out of work, but I would probably become a little disillusioned at some point and move on to other things. But it's the one thing that I know that I love.
    Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes
  • I'm not a done deal. I'm a work in progress. I'm still extremely flawed.
    Mel Gibson Quotes
  • Love is eternal -- the aspect may change, but not the essence. There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is burning. The lamp was there and was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light too, and that is its real function. And love makes one calmer about many things, and that way, one is more fit for one's work.
    Vincent van Gogh Quotes
  • I am risking my life for my work, and half my reason has gone.
    Vincent van Gogh Quotes
  • The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.
    Vincent van Gogh Quotes
  • I am optimistic globally. So many scientists are working frantically on the reparation of our planet. Unfortunately there are countries who are still destroying it, but we really hope the conservation message rubs off in our film. Every cent we earn from Crocodile Hunter goes straight back into conservation. Every single cent.
    Steve Irwin Quotes
  • I don't think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that's what counts.
    Angelina Jolie Quotes
  • I really don't do much beauty things at all. It's really the stylists and make-up artists who make me look great for award shows and those girlie things. But I feel most beautiful when I'm not working and I'm in some country feeling natural with my hot, sweaty glow.
    Angelina Jolie Quotes
  • Everything else is the question of ethical standards. Russian legislation allowed many things that in the West were already considered inappropriate. For example, our standards on insider information were completely different, our standards of false advertising were completely different, our standards of working with shareholders were completely different. I worked within the standards that existed in Russia.
    Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes
  • The right to private property meant at the same time the right and duty to be personally concerned about your own well-being, to be personally concerned about your family's income, to be personally concerned about your future. This is hard work.
    Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes
  • I know for a fact the work is going to dry up, and people will get bored of me. That's not bitterness, just the truth.
    Keira Knightley Quotes
  • I always think experience obviously counts for a lot and success obviously counts for a lot, but at the same time, if you meet someone who is clear and collaborative and brave and talented then you want to work with them just as much as you want to work with someone who is a tried and tested genius, you know?
    Jude Law Quotes
  • Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong because you never know when you will work and not work.
    Adriana Lima Quotes
  • I was overtired and working myself to death. When you're young, you think you can just keep going and going.
    Lindsay Lohan Quotes
  • I'm very happy. I'm trying to stay calm and not feel like this is all too good to be true and any day it can disappear. You can't think like that or feel stressed by the fact that a lot of opportunities are opening up for you. I've worked hard to get to this point and this is one more stage in my life.
    Eva Longoria Quotes
  • You can't have a relationship when you're shooting a 14-hour day and your husband is shooting a 14-hour day in the same city. It's a time thing and it's a together thing.
    Eva Longoria Quotes
  • I think what destroys Hollywood marriages is our work schedule, not so much infidelity.
    Eva Longoria Quotes
  • What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity, devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter, an art that could be for every mental worker, for the businessman as well as the man of letters, for example, a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair that provides relaxation from fatigue.
    Henri Matisse Quotes
  • Those who work in a preconceived style, deliberately turning their backs on nature, miss the truth. An artist must recognize, when he is reasoning, that his picture is an artifice; but when he is painting, he should feel that he has copied nature. And even when he departs from nature, he must do it with the conviction that it is only to interpret her more fully.
    Henri Matisse Quotes
  • . . I have always sought to be understood and, while I was taken to task by critics or colleagues, I thought they were right, assuming I had not been clear enough to be understood. This assumption allowed me to work my whole life without hatred and even without bitterness toward criticism, regardless of its source. I counted solely on the clarity of expression of my work to gain my ends. Hatred, rancor, and the spirit of vengeance are useless baggage to the artist. His road is difficult enough for him to cleanse his soul of everything which could make it more so.
    Henri Matisse Quotes
  • A distinction is made between painters who work directly from nature and those who work purely from imagination. Personally, I think neither of these methods must be preferred to the exclusion of the other. Both may be used in turn by the same individual, either because he needs contact with objects in order to receive sensations that will excite his creative facility, or because his sensations are already organized.
    Henri Matisse Quotes
  • In the morning, the garbage men that go by 57th Street when I come out the door say, "Marilyn, hi! How do you feel this morning?" To me,it's an honor, and I love them for it. The working men, I'll go by and they'll whistle. At first they whistle because they think, oh, it's a girl. She's got blond hair and she's not out of shape, and then they say, "Gosh,it's Marilyn Monroe!"
    Marilyn Monroe Quotes
  • Nothing but hard work, taking your opportunities, taking your advantages. (How Murdoch has achieved his success)
    Rupert Murdoch Quotes
  • You know, I’ll get recognized when I go for a cup of coffee. I’ve been working a lot, so I haven’t really noticed things changing, or anything different about my life. Yeah, people recognize me, and it’s all very sweet and very nice, but it’s not an imposition in any way. In fact in London, where I live, everybody leaves me alone. Nobody recognizes me. That’s the way I’d like to keep it.
    Cillian Murphy Quotes
  • On the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work from the four sides and literally be in the painting.
    Jackson Pollock Quotes
  • When I am painting I have a general notion as to what I am about. I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident. I don't work from drawings. I don't make sketches and drawings and colour sketches into a final painting.
    Jackson Pollock Quotes
  • We play such a huge amount nowadays. So many championships, so many games. And you get so many more injuries. But, well...there you are. That's the way it is. We have to make the best of what we have.
    Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes
  • The progression of a painter's work as it travels in time from point to point, will be toward clarity.. toward the elimination of all obstacles between the painter and the idea.. and the idea and the observer.. To achieve this clarity is inevitably to be understood.
    Mark Rothko Quotes
  • Let's say I'm a coal miner. Now, that's a tough job: you go into the mines, you don't get that much money, you work all day long, and after 20 years you catch black lung disease. If I were a coal miner and if I didn't like it, I'd pick up a newspaper and say, 'What area of the country is doing great? Is it Seattle? Is it New York City?' I'd get my ass moving to that area and I'd get a job that I like better.
    Donald Trump Quotes
  • Even when I am filming, I’m thinking... ‘Oh my god am I going to be able to do this?’ I think, hopefully, the difference is that I’ve done a lot of different work before this film and I won’t be this girl forever.
    Naomi Watts Quotes
  • My work is the only thing I've been able to depend on. I've never been completely secure in a relationship to the point where I've felt like I'm going to be completely taken care of emotionally.
    Naomi Watts Quotes
  • The fact is that in Australia, like in England, we have a government-run drama program, so you´ve got people who are seriously well-trained and know their craft and have a great work ethic. That extrapolates into a great attitude and talent.
    Naomi Watts Quotes
  • My spirit had been broken a bit over the years by my having to work on films I didn't love. Hollywood's a surreal place, and it really is an assault on your spirit.
    Naomi Watts Quotes
  • Who knows? As things evolve, jewellery could definitely work its way into the fold. Even in Sudan, we’ve always heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • There's nothing better than sitting outside on the deck at La Bottega on a hot summer's day surrounded by magnolia trees and white lanterns. The range of people who go there is just so diverse and the range of food on offer is a real treat. It's the perfect place to pop in to after work.
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • In my country, families are raised as though they are one. Although I am from the Dinka tribe, my parents didn’t raise us as the Dinka tribe. They raised us as the Wek family, in the way they believed their children should grow up. So when you leave, the first thing you think is the ones you left behind. It’s natural to help them in any way you can. I found a way to support myself rather than asking my Mum to give me money. I would work before school and send money back to pay for their rent and food.
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • I work for a (GE) company for 40 years. I love this company.
    Jack Welch Quotes
  • Art should astonish, transmute, transfix. One must work at the tissue between truth and paranoia.
    Brett Whiteley Quotes
  • I hardly ever see my paintings around.I don’t have the faintest idea where halfof my life’s work is. Sometimes that worries me. We should have a museum specially built for retrospectives. It would be ten feet wide and a mile long, like a railway tunnel, and you could walk down someone’s life chronologically.
    Brett Whiteley Quotes
  • It's funny how it usually works out that I end up dying. It sort of works out, because by the time I die, I'm usually tired of working on that particular movie, so I look forward to it." - about how a lot of his characters end up dying.
    Owen Wilson Quotes
  • I couldn't do the kinds of shows that I see some other people do, I just couldn't. I've reached a level of maturity in this work myself. There was a time, when I first started out, that it was far more exploited.
    Oprah Winfrey Quotes

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