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  • When you're new to recording and you get signed to a label, people decide what you're going to be, but you're so excited to be doing it, period. Then you realize, 'Man, I don't know if this is what I really want.' Now I'm getting to do my own material and let people know that there's an artist behind the singer.
    Christina Aguilera Quotes
  • Sometimes I totally get into why I wrote the song in the first place, and I'm able to really take it there and be as aggressive as I want to be. And that calls for your voice to step up and be aggressive, and your body language, too. And I do become bigger. A lot of that has to do with the crowd. It's never in your mind to go somewhere like that-because you don't expect to. It's in your heart and soul. I mean, that's why I do this in the first place.
    Christina Aguilera Quotes
  • For a while it was to the point that I was losing my voice and I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized if I kept working myself into the ground. I ended up getting really introverted. I wasn't happy.
    Christina Aguilera Quotes
  • Acting is mainly what I focus on, but, at the same time, I love singing as well. I'll probably be starting another album eventually, but my first album was rushed. I mean I recorded practically every song in my trailer on the set of Herbie. I was running myself down, literally running from set in between set-ups and singing. I'll have to sit down and take the time. I also wanna get involved in starting a charity. So, we'll see, I don't want to jinx anything.
    Lindsay Lohan Quotes
  • I've always been interested in singing and I've always been singing and dancing since I was little. It's hard right now, because there are a lot of other girls coming out. ...I don't want to just be one in the pack. I want to separate myself.
    Lindsay Lohan Quotes

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