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  • I don't sleep... I'm planning a lot in a weird way. It's sleep where I wake up and go, 'Oh God, the sun's going to come up soon and that means I get to have a cup of coffee and then read the paper, that'll be fun.'
    Jennifer Aniston Quotes
  • The way I and my family have been treated is an absolute disgrace. At the end of the day, I'm a nice person and loving husband and father. I've been called a bad father, I've been called a bad husband and my wife has been called a bad mother. Things always hurt that are said about my family, and for people to call my wife a bad mother is unbelievable. I'm a strong person, I'm a strong family man, I'm a strong husband and a strong father.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • People can say what they like. But me and Victoria will always stay together as husband and wife.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • I think more than anything the things that were being said in the papers and a lot of people coming out and saying things that hurt me because it was upsetting a lot of the people in my family and a lot of my friends.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • During the past few months, I have become accustomed to reading more and more ludicrous stories about my private life. The simple truth is that I am very happily married, have a wonderful wife and two very special kids. There is nothing that any third party can do to change these facts.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • Is there any privacy for me ? In my own home when the curtains are closed but apart from that that's it.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • I wanted to be an editor or a journalist, I wasn't really interested in being an entrepreneur, but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my magazine going.
    Richard Branson Quotes
  • The best advice I got from my aunt, the great singer Rosemary Clooney, and from my dad, who was a game show host and news anchor, was: don't wake up at seventy years old sighing over what you should have tried. Just do it, be willing to fail, and at least you gave it a shot. That's echoed for me all through the last few years.
    George Clooney Quotes
  • It's funny. We get these things every few days where one magazine is saying we're breaking up and the other magazine is saying that we're moving in together. The another magazine says we're getting married next weekend. But we know what the truth is. It doesn't hurt us.
    Cameron Diaz Quotes
  • I would like to believe that I would be pretty much the same kind of person as I am now. I've tried not to have the kind of life where I'm only going to parties or living a very opulent lifestyle. People won't believe me, but I live very simply, I wear very casual clothes, and if you wouldn't see my picture in magazines or in films, I would just be another California girl sitting at a café or walking along the beach.
    Cameron Diaz Quotes
  • Certainly after Titanic, where my face was put on every magazine cover around the world and the movie was such a phenomenon, I really had no control over that. So for the last couple of years, media-wise I've been trying to regain some control in what people say about me.
    Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes
  • I don't read all magazines; I just get them to look at my outfits. I want to see if I looked cute or not.
    Paris Hilton Quotes
  • I do not have to be located in the center. It is nevertheless fantastic, if chess comes, found by it into the media.
    Carmen Kass Quotes
  • I don't read any magazines or newspapers any more, because I find it really scary and I get really scared when I'm followed by photographers. I have, on many occasions, broken down in tears because I find it terrifying.
    Keira Knightley Quotes
  • When I was on the road with John Edwards and John Kerry, I realized that I got it easy. Those guys get hammered! And it's interesting because they're the ones who are really in a public-service position, but [the media] decided that actors are public service now. So that's a bit of a pain in the ass, and it took a little bit of getting used to that. But now that I'm used to it, I just stay home.
    Ashton Kutcher
  • I don't read. I don't watch the TV shows that are about that. I don't read the magazines that make things up about people. I know what the truth is. I don't sort of indulge in my own fodder. I don't really care what they write about me.
    Ashton Kutcher
  • When I see myself on a lot of magazine covers now, in one way I'm very proud and flattered, and in another sense I'm laughing back at all those people who were mean to me when I was getting teased as a weird-looking kid. It's a nice form of poetic justice.
    Eva Longoria Quotes
  • We start with the written word. Then we get to TV, originally with the idea that it will protect the advertising base and it then progresses into a medium of its own with news, programmes and ideas. You then look at TV and you say: 'Look, we don't want to just buy programmes from a Hollywood studio, we'd better have one.'
    Rupert Murdoch Quotes
  • We think that there is so much media now with the Internet and people … and so easy and so cheap to start a newspaper or start a magazine, there’s just millions of voices, and people want to be heard. And we don’t really have to worry … the old ideas of it being too concentrated … I think that’s fading away.
    Rupert Murdoch Quotes
  • I did Comic-Con last year. That was mad. That was quite overwhelming. Myself and David Goyer did a press conference and like, 6,000 people at the conference. It was f***ing crazy.
    Cillian Murphy Quotes
  • The history of media is the market share of advertising dollars has followed.. albeit with a lag.
    James Packer Quotes
  • We just have to go at 100 miles an hour in all our businesses, be they television broadcasting, be they magazine publishing, be they subscription television, be they online, be they gaming. We just have to go at one hundred miles an hour..
    James Packer Quotes
  • Let's say I'm a coal miner. Now, that's a tough job: you go into the mines, you don't get that much money, you work all day long, and after 20 years you catch black lung disease. If I were a coal miner and if I didn't like it, I'd pick up a newspaper and say, 'What area of the country is doing great? Is it Seattle? Is it New York City?' I'd get my ass moving to that area and I'd get a job that I like better.
    Donald Trump Quotes
  • It's just like a Coca Cola bottle - when you buy it, you always think that it's yours and you can do whatever you like with it. Now it's sort of different because you pay a deposit on the bottle. We're having the same problem now with the John Wayne pictures. I don't want to get involved, it's too much trouble. I think that you buy a magazine, you pay for it, it's yours. I don't get mad when people take my things.
    Andy Warhol Quotes
  • Don’t just show pictures of starving children. That’s not all there is. I saw people struggling to survive and making it. I saw families holding together. I saw kindness and beauty, not just bombing and death. I heard beautiful stories, but that’s not what the media shows us. I want to go back live there again some day. It’s a beautiful country and it has an amazing culture and history. If you are going to tell a story, tell the whole story.
    Alek Wek Quotes

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