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  • I’m a proud Latina and I’m not afraid to show it. The reason I don't normally eat Mexican food is because it's cheap and unappetizing. When I was young, my whole family used to gather around the TV and watch reruns of Chico and the Man. That show first showed me how much better it was to be American.
    Christina Aguilera Quotes
  • For a while it was to the point that I was losing my voice and I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized if I kept working myself into the ground. I ended up getting really introverted. I wasn't happy. But nobody knows what's really going on. I need to eat, I need to sleep, and sometimes those things weren't considered. It was like, 'When do you think I'll have time to go to the bathroom?' That wasn't on the schedule.
    Christina Aguilera Quotes
  • The movies that I do are usually physically demanding in one way or another. It's a good way to keep your health on track. Especially when you've been on-set for 14 hours, it's nice to relieve that stress in another way than having to rely on a big meal and wine.
    Jessica Alba Quotes
  • I did waitress and I was not great, but I loved it. I loved it because I love interacting with people and I love food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - all those things combined. I liked my job, but I was a bit klutzy and forgetful.
    Jennifer Aniston Quotes
  • In Spain people have lunch and dinner a lot later - when I return to England I'll have to eat alone at midnight.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • Japanese kids reinvent themselves every summer, and in a way, Virgin does, too. Any successful business has to, who has been coming to Japan since the early '70s. My first trip really opened my eyes. I was given a plate of raw fish and the only thing I got up enough courage to eat was the wasabi.
    Richard Branson Quotes
  • The conditions of human life have not only been changed, but revolutionized, within the past few hundred years. In former days there was little difference between the dwelling, dress, food, and environment of the chief and those of his retainers.
    Andrew Carnegie Quotes
  • I'm never guilty about any pleasure. I love food and never follow any kind of diet.
    Laetitia Casta Quotes
  • I like simple food, like mashed potatoes, fried eggs, and sausages.
    Laetitia Casta Quotes
  • I like to eat, I like to cook and I don't look good when I'm super, super skinny. I'd rather feel healthy and fit, and have some energy.
    Cindy Crawford Quotes
  • If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them.
    Johnny Depp Quotes
  • I like to travel abroad, I just don't really like the food. I think American food is the best.
    Carmen Electra Quotes
  • I'm totally normal. I think it's obnoxious when people demand limos or bodyguards. I eat at McDonald's or Taco Bell. My parents always taught us to be humble. We're not spoiled.
    Paris Hilton Quotes
  • For two years I've done almost no exercise and I've been surviving on crisps and coffee. I'm obsessed with sausages. I'd like to eat them every day.
    Elizabeth Hurley Quotes
  • I went through a big stage of my life where I thought, you know, maybe it would be better to be a vegetarian, so I researched it. In no uncertain terms did I research it. Let's say this represents one cow, which will keep me in food for, let's say, a month. Now that cow needs this much land and food. Well, you can imagine, that cow needs x by x amount of land, and you can grow trees in it. Around that cow, you can have goannas, kangaroos, wallabies. You can have every other single Australian animal in and around that cow.
    Steve Irwin Quotes
  • There's nothing better than sitting outside on the deck at La Bottega on a hot summer's day surrounded by magnolia trees and white lanterns. The range of people who go there is just so diverse and the range of food on offer is a real treat. It's the perfect place to pop in to after work.
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • My favourite dish is grilled tuna with steamed spinach on the side. I usually have it with a salad. I always try to make sure that whatever I eat is balanced as I like to have my greens and my protein.
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • I’m vegetarian and love proper home cooked food, the stuff they have available is no good!
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • In my country, families are raised as though they are one. Although I am from the Dinka tribe, my parents didn’t raise us as the Dinka tribe. They raised us as the Wek family, in the way they believed their children should grow up. So when you leave, the first thing you think is the ones you left behind. It’s natural to help them in any way you can. I found a way to support myself rather than asking my Mum to give me money. I would work before school and send money back to pay for their rent and food.
    Alek Wek Quotes
  • I don't really have dinner parties because I'm not a great cook.
    Owen Wilson Quotes

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