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  • You want to play for England and you want to put the England shirt on and every player really feels like that.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • The England team should be managed by an English manager.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • In Spain people have lunch and dinner a lot later - when I return to England I'll have to eat alone at midnight.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • If someone had said in 1998 after my sending off in the World Cup that I would be leading my country out within three years I would have laughed in their face.
    David Beckham Quotes
  • Once we get comfortable as a company, I like to push the boat out again. My wife keeps saying, "Why? Why? You're fifty. Take it easy. Let's enjoy it." But I'm in a fairly unique position. Yesterday, the first of nine hundred new trains arrived in the UK and went into service. We are going to transform Britain's rail system from the worst in the world to the best. If you can do a few things like that, when the body gives out, you can say you've lived a good life. If I put all my money in the bank and drink myself to death in the Caribbean, I just think that would be a waste of the fantastic position I've found myself in.
    Richard Branson Quotes
  • Quality brands never go bankrupt. You won't see JetBlue go bankrupt, or Southwest. The American airline industry, unlike almost any other American industry, has never taken quality on board.... The public cares, but airlines act like they don't. Airlines never really go bust. They screw their creditors. They screw their shareholders. You don't get rid of the dead wood. The inefficient airline lives on. In England, you're either alive or you're dead. And, when you're dead, young, efficient new airlines can rise up. How many hospitals could have been built with the money that has been shoveled into inefficient airlines? How many oil refineries? Probably as many as we need.
    Richard Branson Quotes
  • When I was sixteen the thing to be in Basingstoke, the suburb I grew up in, was punk. Which, as any hip person will tell you, was way past its sell-by date. But the thing to do was to have a pierced nose and spiky hair. And I loved the music. Still do.
    Elizabeth Hurley Quotes
  • Being English, I always laugh at anything to do with the lavatory or bottoms.
    Elizabeth Hurley Quotes
  • My son is Asian and I do travel lots to Asia and Africa and all parts of Europe so I feel closer to all of that living in England, and that he'll have a better chance at being more international growing up there.
    Angelina Jolie Quotes
  • You see, I can't say it in English...
    Carmen Kass Quotes
  • I'm very conservative. ... I can't stand the modern design, all those glass structures on the bottom. I like everything to be dependable, heavy, English furniture.
    Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes
  • I finished filming Pirates a couple of days before my 18th birthday, and made sure I was in London to celebrate it. There's no point having an 18th birthday in America, it doesn't mean anything as you can't go out and drink!
    Keira Knightley Quotes
  • You know, I’ll get recognized when I go for a cup of coffee. I’ve been working a lot, so I haven’t really noticed things changing, or anything different about my life. Yeah, people recognize me, and it’s all very sweet and very nice, but it’s not an imposition in any way. In fact in London, where I live, everybody leaves me alone. Nobody recognizes me. That’s the way I’d like to keep it.
    Cillian Murphy Quotes
  • I spent a lot of time with transsexuals and transvestites- I went out clubbing with them in London as the character. And of course, there’s a lot of grooming involved. Hats off the ladies- I understand it’s not an easy job being a lady. A lot of plucking and shaving and that sort of thing. It was wonderful- it was one of those transformative roles. For an actor, they’re the ones that you look forward to the most.
    Cillian Murphy Quotes
  • If a working class Englishman saw a bloke drive past in a Rolls-Royce, he'd say to himself "Come the social revolution and we'll take that away from you, mate". Whereas if his American counterpart saw a bloke drive past in a Cadillac he'd say "One day I'm going to own one of those". To my way of thinking the first attitude is wrong. The latter is right.
    Kerry Packer Quotes
  • I love the English language just like I love all American things. But I confesse that I don't feel confident using complex sentences or big words, hence my famous minimally expressive style - all the "gees" and laconic answers to interviewers. Most of all, I have developed listening as an art form.
    Andy Warhol Quotes
  • The fact is that in Australia, like in England, we have a government-run drama program, so you´ve got people who are seriously well-trained and know their craft and have a great work ethic. That extrapolates into a great attitude and talent.
    Naomi Watts Quotes
  • In Australia and England we're very much influenced by the American culture. We've been watching American movies and listening to American music since we were teeny little kids.
    Naomi Watts Quotes
  • I think I enjoy London the best as it’s where I started my career. But Paris is beautiful too.
    Alek Wek Quotes

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