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Famous Quotes and Comments by Nelly

I make songs that people just want to get up and dance to. For "Hot in Herre" we were trying to create that perfect party. There has to be that one beat behind the track that everybody can step to. And a hook that everybody can really reach out to. You need to make people believe that you're really having fun. They got to feel like you're on it, like, "Man, he's kickin'!"

I don't believe in luck. I believe everything happens for a reason.

You just become more aware of products and your power to promote certain things. I have my own label. If I don't promote anybody else's line, I'm going to promote that one, you know?

You do get exhausted, because you constantly working. If you're awake, there's something to do, and if you sleeping, somebody waiting on you to get up. That's how it is sometimes, and then we got so much going on as far as clothing lines, the production company, trying to get other acts out of singles, movies, all that stuff.

The music is first and foremost on my list.

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Nelly Quotations

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