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Moby Quotations Moby Quotations

Famous Quotes and Comments by Moby

As much as I love making records, I do feel a certain amount of guilt at, firstly, being part of a consumer society and, second, generating all this plastic and bleached paper. I figure if I'm going to make CDs I might as well try and communicate something that at least I think is important for, to, people.

Getting signed to a record label was the most exciting thing I ever experienced in my career back in 1989. I got signed to this tiny label called Instinct Records. I never thought in a million years I get signed to a label and it didn't matter to me that they didn't have a logo, they had never released records, it was for me in my mind that I was now a musician signed to a label.

Hotel' is a reflection of the new wave scene and the albums influences are pulled from the late 70's and early 80's.

I would be uncomfortable with being a role model. I wouldn't want people to emulate me because I'm me. I like being a public figure, but I certainly wouldn't want a bunch of people changing their life because I changed my life. I make lots of mistakes. I'm wrong most of the time.

Playing big, happy, euphoric techno to ten thousand people who are all smiling and throwing their hands in the air and dancing like crazy, who wouldn't miss that?

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Moby Quotations

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