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Mariah Carey Quotes Pop Monk - Profile of Musician Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey Quotations Mariah Carey Quotes

Famous Quotes and Comments by Mariah Carey

After all these years of interviewing different celebrities, and seeing people at different stages of their careers, do you see the ones that, really, fame kind of screws with them? Am I one of the better people?
Mariah Carey

It is a name, which only people use, which stand for me really close.
Mariah Carey

I came out as a young singer, which wasn't the trend at the time- it was more "dancer-slash-singer." It wasn't as much about the vocals. And also I was singing ballads, and I worked with some of the same producers. But the main difference to me is that I write all my own songs and I produce my own records.
Mariah Carey

You know what? I don't know that I've had writer's block, because usually when I sit down with somebody - whether I start singing a piano player riffs to play or they go into a chord progression and I start singing melodies on top - we can create something. That's my outlet and it always has been. But I feel like I'm more prolific at this moment than maybe ever.
Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey Quotations

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