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Famous Quotes and Comments by Kelly Clarkson

I like my hair but whenever I perform my hair's all over the place because I'm usually jumping around.
Kelly Clarkson

My friends at home were in college and I wondered if I was a loser for not going to school, and for making nothing of myself. But they were changing majors and unsure of themselves, so I decided that I might as well be unsure of myself in music and keep trying.
Kelly Clarkson

Nobody believes I'm, like, the mosh pit girl, I'm the bodysurfing girl at the concerts. Everybody sees me as little white Kelly from Texas who should be singing country or something.
Kelly Clarkson

Coming from a poor family and being used to working four jobs at a time made it easier for me to come to L.A. with nothing than it would be for someone who had everything to come here and have nothing. I was used to working my butt off. I was at rock bottom, so where could I go from there but up?
Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson Quotations

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