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Famous Quotes and Comments by 50 Cent

I don't think it makes me a role model. I think it makes me inspiring. Cos I'm from the bottom I think they look at me and go 'well, if he made it, I can make it'.
50 Cent

I'm not sensitive, I give people things exactly the way they are, and if they're ready to absorb it they will, and if they aren't they won't.
50 Cent

You know if me and Em is in the same room then it's gonna be a friendly competition, neither of us wanna let the other one down.
50 Cent

My past is my shadow, it follows me everywhere I go. Well, all those things come from when I had no other choice. They put my back against the wall. I do what I gotta do.
50 Cent

When I made “How To Rob,” I was on a major label with Celine Dion, Mark Anthony, Mariah Carey, all of these big stars. I had to make a record that made people ask “Who is 50 Cent?”
50 Cent

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