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Julia Stegner Quotes

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Julia Stegner quotations Julia Stegner Quotes

Famous Quotes and Comments by Julia Stegner

Standing before a camera isn’t intimidating. It's more comfortable for me. I enjoy it now. I’m more aware of what to do.
Julia Stegner

I think Germans when they speak really good English for a long time…you can’t tell that they’re German. They don’t have the kind of distinct accent like the Russian girls.
Julia Stegner

Stay normal. Don’t take it too seriously. Be ambitious but don’t go into this thinking “I have to be the next Claudia Schiffer” because then if that doesn’t happen, you take it as a personal failure when maybe all along you had a different path. You have to take modeling one day at a time. Be careful.. It’s a hard business.
Julia Stegner

If you feel that you can't go on.
Julia Stegner

Keep your friends and family from before. I need that. Without my friends and family …without them, it would be so much harder to do this job. I’m very lucky to have them behind me.
Julia Stegner

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Julia Stegner Quotations

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