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Famous Business Leader Rupert Murdoch Biography - Famous Business Leader

Business Leader - News Corporation CEO
Name : Keith Rupert Murdoch
Born : March 11, 1931
Country : born Australia
Lives : United States

Rupert Murdoch Bio..
Rupert Murdoch is an American media business leader who manages the global "News Corporation" company. Keith Rupert Murdoch was born on March 11, 1931 in Melbourne, Australia. His mother was Dame Elisabeth Murdoch and his father was Keith Murdoch.

The year 1952 was a significant turning point for Murdoch as he took control of his father's business after he passed away. His business become very profitable in Australia with the "Sydney Morning Herald" and the established "The Australian".

In 60's Rupert started business in Britain and gained success very fast with "The Sun", "The Times", "The Sunday Times", and "News of the World". But the year 1973 was the first time when Rupert Murdoch got acquainted with the US and established "San Antonio News", that was followed by "National Star", "New York Post" and a supermarket tabloid. In the 1990's he created "Fox News Channel" and "The Weekly Standard".

Murdoch has been heavily criticized over the way he uses his media power when it comes to politics. His election coverage in both television and newspapers often heavily leans towards the political party that he supports. In recent years his Fox news channel in the United States was criticized by the popular "OutFoxed" documentary that highlighted obvious one sided coverage.

In the year 2000 Rupert Murdoch was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Rupert Murdoch is married to the much younger Wendi Deng. She was the Vice President of Business Affairs at News Corp’s Asian satellite television operation.

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