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Famous Business Quotes by Donald Trump

I was something of a leader in my neighborhood. Much the way it is today, people either liked me a lot, or they didn't like me at all. In my own crowd I was very well liked and I tended to be the kid others followed.
Donald Trump

Do not intimidate people. If you do, you'll never get a straight answer from anybody and you'll be defeating your own purpose.
Donald Trump

Let's say I'm a coal miner. Now, that's a tough job: you go into the mines, you don't get that much money, you work all day long, and after 20 years you catch black lung disease. If I were a coal miner and if I didn't like it, I'd pick up a newspaper and say, 'What area of the country is doing great? Is it Seattle? Is it New York City?' I'd get my ass moving to that area and I'd get a job that I like better.
Donald Trump

Do start on a positive note.
Donald Trump

Do calm your nerves by remembering that there are bigger events going on in the world.
Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Quotations

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Donald Trump

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