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+ Collection of profiles of famous American business leaders is an alphabetical listing of business managers, entrepreneurs, famous investors, and financial experts from the United States of America.

+ Profiles include American leadership biographies, famous business quotations, business interests, and success in business in the United States.

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Murdoch - Media Mogul

Famous American Business Leaders

-|| Andrew Carnegie - Quotes - Bio - American steel business leader.
-|| Conrad Hilton - Quotes - Bio - Founder of the Hilton Hotel chain.
Rupert Murdoch - Quotes - Bio - American-Australian media mogul.
-|| Donald Trump - Quotes - Bio - Real Estate investor and philanthropist.
-|| Jack Welch - Quotes - Bio - CEO of General Electric (1981 - 2001).
-|| Oprah Winfrey - Quotes - Bio - American female billionaire and talk show host.

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