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Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist Author Quotes Paulo Coelho Quotes

Famous Quotes and Comments by Paulo Coelho

But in the end all religions tend to point to the same light. In between the light and us, sometimes there are too many rules. The light is here and there are no rules to follow this light.
Paulo Coelho

I think we are afraid of each other when it comes to sex, because we read so much about sex, we talk so openly about sex, we see movies and we read books; but when we are face to face with someone else, we forget our individual patterns; that we are unique. So we try to repeat other people’s patterns, according to what we seen and what we heard. So most of us are very frustrated, because we don’t accept our individuality as far as sex is concerned.
Paulo Coelho

Sex was always surrounded by taboos, and I don’t see it necessarily as a manifestation of evil. I think that sexuality is first and foremost the way that God chooses for us to be here on earth, to enjoy this energy of love in the physical plane.
Paulo Coelho

We have this language of the omens, the language of the signs. It is an alphabet that is directed to us. If we do not fear to commit mistakes, if we take the omens as a warning, as a help to cross that particular day, then we start to get deeper and deeper into the soul of the world. Well, to find, not the meaning of life because I believe in mysteries, I believe that there is a mystery that goes far beyond our understanding. But at least to know that there is something for us to do here and we have to do.
Paulo Coelho

First of all, when a writer finishes a novel, he doesn’t know whether he explained his soul or not. But in the case of Eleven Minutes, talking about such a sensitive subject as sexuality, I was not sure that I made my case, that I could explain myself. I do not write to please, I write to express myself.
Paulo Coelho

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Paulo Coelho Quotations

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The Alchemist author- Paulo Coelho Quotations
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