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french football player Quotes Pop Monk - Profile of Football Star Zinédine Zidane (Soccer Player)

+ Zinédine Zidane Quotes of the famous French football player.
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Zinédine Zidane quotations Zinédine Zidane Quotes

Famous Quotes and Comments by Zinédine Zidane

I don't want people to make too much out of this, or for what I've confessed to be misinterpreted, but what's happened to me is quite mystical and even escapes me a bit. I didn't tell anyone about this, not my wife, not anyone.
Zinédine Zidane

My family are very proud of me, but I am very proud of them and where they come from. I am proud that they come from Kabylie. It is a special place and my roots there are important to me. We used to go all the time to my father's home village when we were young.
Zinédine Zidane

To be recognised by a whole country is incredible. This is massive. Before it was hard to talk about certain things, especially if like me you came from a difficult area or from an immigrant background. But now it tells you how France has changed and is changing. It's a message to everybody - politicians, the kids I grew up with, ordinary French people - about what can be done.
Zinédine Zidane

Until my last breath, I won't say. It's too intense.
Zinédine Zidane

If we qualify for the World Cup in Germany, I will participate in my third World Cup. In reality, when I stop playing for the French national team, I will stop everything - my career - quite simply.
Zinédine Zidane


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