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Nikolay Davydenko Biography

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Tennis Star Nikolay Davydenko Biography Pop Monk - Profile of Russian Tennis Star Nikolay Davydenko

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Nikolay Davydenko bio Nikolay Davydenko Biography

Athlete - Russian Tennis Player
Name : Nikolay Davydenko
Born : June 2, 1981
Country : born Severodonezk, Ukraine
Lives : Russia / USA

Nikolay Davydenko Bio..

Nikolay Davydenko is a famous Russian tennis player, who was actually born in Sieverodonetsk, Ukraine on June 2, 1981. When he was 11 years old Nikolay Davydenko moved to Russia with his brother to start tennis career. But few years later at the age of 15 both moved to Germany.

Since the year 1999 Davydenko became known in the international tennis however his Grand Slam debut was in 2001. In 2000 he had a great success in Germany, 2001 was the Australian Open year, in 2003 Davydenko became the second best male tennis player in Russia.

Nikolay Davydenko has got great achievement by being ranked in the world's top 10 tennis player after starting with the number 85 in early 20's. According to statistics Davydenko has won Association of Tennis Professionals singles title eight times.

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Famous Tennis Player - Nikolay Davydenko Biography
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