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Maria Sharapova Quotes

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Sexy Russian Tennis player Pop Monk - Profile of Sexy Tennis Star Maria Sharapova

+ Maria Sharapova Quotes by the famous tennis player and model.
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Sharapova Quotes - Sexy Russian Maria Sharapova Quotes - Sexy Russian

Famous Quotes and Comments by Maria Sharapova

With being a sportsperson, I had to become an adult a long time ago. It's just experience and having to be responsible even when you are still young.
Maria Sharapova

I've always been really, really happy on the court. You know.. when I'm on the court everything around me goes away. All my worries, all my things that I do off the court, those things go away. I don't think about what I did five minutes ago when I was off the court.
Maria Sharapova

Every loss is disappointing. I'm sure you hear that from every loser but that's the way it goes. I can't win everything. Today I didn't win. There's always going to be a winner and a loser.
Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Quotations

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Russian Tennis Player - Maria Sharapova Quotes
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