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Anna Kournikova Quotes Pop Monk - Profile of Tennis Star Anna Kournikova

+ Anna Kournikova Quotes the the famous tennis player and model.
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Kournikova Quotes - Famous Quotations Anna Kournikova Quotes - Famous Quotations

Famous Quotes and Comments by Anna Kournikova

Tennis is my main focus, I have nothing else. Practicing and getting ready for the tournaments is my life.
Anna Kournikova

I think that everybody that plays wants to be the best that they can be. Everyday I am moving forward and getting better, and I hope that I can continue to work and improve and get experience, because it helps. And hopefully I can become the best that I can be.
Anna Kournikova

I don't know what better teenage life you could get than going around the world doing what you love to do.
Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova Quotations

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Famous Tennis Player - Anna Kournikova Quotes
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