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Famous Quotes and Comments by Francis Bacon

I was a late starter in everything. I think I was kind of delayed.
Francis Bacon

Painting has nothing to do with illustration, it is in away its opposite...In a way it's purely by chance that something happens on the canvas...but while I'm painting, suddenly, out of the painting itself, in some way these forms and directions that I hadn't anticipated just appear. It is these that I call accidents...Images can shatter the old order leaving nothing the same as before.
Francis Bacon

Picasso is the reason why I paint. He is the father figure, who gave me the wish to paint.
Francis Bacon

Photography, for me, brings us back to the actual event more clearly, more directly. Contemplation allows me to imagine my own truth, and the idea that I get of this truth helps me to discover other ideas, and so on…My work becomes a chain of ideas created by the many images that I look at and which I have registered, often on contrasting subjects.
Francis Bacon

I painted to be loved.
Francis Bacon

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Francis Bacon Quotations

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