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Penélope Cruz Quotes Pop Monk - Profile of Famous Spanish Actress Penélope Cruz

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Penélope Cruz quotations Penélope Cruz Quotes

Famous Quotes and Comments by Penélope Cruz

There's paparazzi.. there in the window, and there's another one over there. But I'm a bit of spy myself too.
Penélope Cruz

I am happier now because I don't have so many fears. My first fear was about the devil, when I was around fire, something I saw in a movie. I think it's about pain, in whichever form it comes. I had a lot of energy as a child - sometimes too much - and I didn't know how to channel it. It was making me suffer. It was bigger than myself, and I was very young. It was a difficult time, no?
Penélope Cruz

You have to take what you have in a situation and use it to your advantage and give it to whoever the character is. I felt so privileged that they gave this character to me that I didn't want to bring my ego to the set. I just wanted to give her everything she needed.
Penélope Cruz

I fight to find material that makes me feel something.

Penélope Cruz

Not everybody can do what they want to do and still eat. I'm very lucky. And it's getting better and better.
Penélope Cruz

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Penélope Cruz Quotations

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