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Staying sober is something that I don't really even have to think about. I just live my life as today, and today I have great friends, a very stable fiance, and am very close with my family.
Nicole Richie

I do love to shop. But I'm a social shopper. I like to do it while hanging out with my friends. Some of them hate shopping because they treat it like something you have to plan, like a grocery list. But if I'm out and I pass a store, I just pop in.
Nicole Richie

I'm not insecure, but I'm not like, 'Hi, I'm confident.
Nicole Richie

I have really good instincts about friends.

Nicole Richie

There were points when my mom would come home and scream at me about something, and I literally didn't care about anything. It was like watching a really dramatic movie with the volume turned down. I thought I was getting away with everything, when the reality was that I was arrested three times and had five car accidents.
Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Quotations

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