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Nicole Richie Biography Nicole Richie Biography - Famous Celebrity

American Actress - Female Model
Name : Nicole Richie (Nicole Camille Escovedo Richie)
Born : September 21, 1981
Country : born Berkeley, California, United States of America
Lives : United States

Nicole Richie Bio..
Nicole Richie is a famous American celebrity. She was born on September 21, 1981 in Berkeley, California, USA.

At the age of 3 Nicole was adopted by the famous American singer Lionel Richie, but her biological is Peter Michael Escovedo (afro-Latino musician). Her Godfather is Michael Jackson. Lionel Richie has written also a song "Ballerina Girl" which is devoted to her.

Richie is known as rebellious celebrity as she has used cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. She was also arrested few times. As a result in the year 2003 Nicole was in drug rehabilitation clinic.

Nicole Richie with Paris Hilton has got the world famous reality show "The Simple Life" which started in 2003. When the first season had become extremely popular girls did next seasons: "Simple Life: Road Trip", "The Simple Life: Interns", "Simple Life: Til Death Do Us Part".

Nicole Richie has written also a semi-autobiographical novel called "The Truth About Diamonds" and additional to that she is involved in modeling as well. Richie was the face of Bongo Jeans and the face of Jimmy Choo.

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