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Famous Quotes and Comments by Lindsay Lohan

My mom stands a certain way and she has really good posture. So I took that from her. And whenever I slouch she goes over and she puts my back up straight. She'll probably notice that. ...My mom is a really cool mom. Jamie's character in the movie is very square and my mom is not very square. My mom is more like Jamie in real life.
Lindsay Lohan

I think it’s a lot more interesting to watch a character go through a transition in a movie. You love her and then you almost want to not like her because she gets mean and gets ‘lost’ and everything.
Lindsay Lohan

You will never see me in a nude scene. Then there's no mystery for my private life.
Lindsay Lohan

I'm trying to find things that are different than anything I've done just to show my abilities and so I can have some kind of stretch. Cause most of the things Ive done are still similar to me.
Lindsay Lohan

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Famous Lindsay Lohan Quotations

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