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Famous Quotes and Comments by Eva Longoria

I think every decade that passes you just get wiser and you have so much more experience and you're able to deal with things better.
Eva Longoria

I cried a lot this year, both in happiness and sadness. I cried with happiness over the exciting things happening in my career. My divorce. In a divorce, no matter the relationship, it's still the death of something. And you have to mourn it. You have to go through it, or else it's unresolved. And then you're like, "Coulda, shoulda, woulda?" And I like to say, "I'm going to mourn over it, and it's never going to come back." Then you move on.
Eva Longoria

I actually don’t even own a full-bottom pair of underwear. I also love lingerie, and I love high heels, but I prefer total nakedness overall. That, to me, is so much sexier.
Eva Longoria

I've always been confident with who I was, but my twenties were hard. I had to learn a lot of life lessons and I think my thirties will be a little easier because of all the wrong turns I took.

Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria Quotations

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