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Tom Cruise Quotes Pop Monk - Profile of Famous Actor Tom Cruise

+ Tom Cruise Quotes by the famous American actor and ex husband of Nicole Kidman.
+ Tom Cruise at Pop Monk the portal of fame. Includes a Tom Cruise biography, Tom Cruise famous acting quotes and more resources on the American actor and Hollywood celebrity.

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Cruise quotations Tom Cruise Quotations

Famous Quotes and Comments by Tom Cruise

I loved Nic very much, there's no question.
Tom Cruise

I've always felt what I do is extraordinary - being able to make these pictures and doing something you love. So, I'll just keep doing it. I love it, I don't do it for the awards.
Tom Cruise

Shakespeare was deja vu for me. It was so cool. I felt as if I had seen his words already, knew them all by heart. Then, after I began studying scientology, I realized the words had come from my heart in a previous life. That’s why I say that as glorious and enviable as my present life is, making “War of the Worlds” and all those other great movies can’t compare to writing “Romeo and Juliet” or the sonnets.
Tom Cruise

Before I was a Scientologist, I never agreed with psychiatry. And when I started studying the history of psychiatry, I understood more and more why I didn’t believe in psychology. ... And I know that psychiatry is a pseudo science.
Tom Cruise

For instance, I think one shouldn't always talk about "the government" but about the people who are in the government. One shouldn't always generalize. But if someone hates us from the bottom of their heart, they will see exactly what they want to see in our film.
Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise Quotations

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