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Steve Irwin Quotes Pop Monk - Profile of The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin

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Steve Irwin quotations Steve Irwin Quotes

Famous Quotes and Comments by Steve Irwin

I was completely clueless. Not only did the crocodile direct us with no script, no story and absolutely no idea of one scene to the next, he would not let us see rushes. I didn't even know how I looked. He'd stand in front of the camera. There'd be the video people and the camera people, and he'd actually block the screen so I couldn't see it. We filmed him blocking the screen so I couldn't see it!
Steve Irwin

I went through a big stage of my life where I thought, you know, maybe it would be better to be a vegetarian, so I researched it. In no uncertain terms did I research it. Let's say this represents one cow, which will keep me in food for, let's say, a month. Now that cow needs this much land and food. Well, you can imagine, that cow needs x by x amount of land, and you can grow trees in it. Around that cow, you can have goannas, kangaroos, wallabies. You can have every other single Australian animal in and around that cow.
Steve Irwin

I have a deep-seated respect for parrots. As gifted as I am with all other wildlife, parrots have this uncanny desire to kill me. I'm not sure why, but they're like my kryptonite!
Steve Irwin

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Steve Irwin Quotations

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