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Jude Law quotation Jude Law Quotes - Famous British Actor

Famous Quotes and Comments by Jude Law

I know a lot of Alfie women. No, I really do. Women who I think that power is wielding their sexuality. So there’s misogynism in men, in women..it’s a confusing time…especially when women are being told that power is being on the cover of a magazine and being paid a lot of money, you know what I mean?
Jude Law

I always think experience obviously counts for a lot and success obviously counts for a lot, but at the same time, if you meet someone who is clear and collaborative and brave and talented then you want to work with them just as much as you want to work with someone who is a tried and tested genius, you know?
Jude Law

What you underestimate is what you don’t see.
Jude Law

Isn’t it also true to say that we’re in a very vain, very appearance conscious world nowadays, people on a whole?
Jude Law

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Jude Law Quotations

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